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Kathy G
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Kathy G Love the entire album but Wild Flower is just so beautiful that it became my instant favorite!!! <3 Favorite track: Wild Flower.
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released July 11, 2012



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INNERSPACE Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Wild Flower
She lives within a soft rime world
Where the sun only appears far behind the mountains
She´s the hostess of a warm and humid cave
Constantly open to coldness

Perennial plant bred in manure
She´s infested by the old stench of the past
A wildflower growing in concrete
Withered petals that foreshadow the end of the trip

The flame in the sky dies behind the village
Pink and yellow clouds fade into the night
On the living room table snow mound, the throne
In her mind winter has reborn

Dressed in her anesthetic armor
She can play what they want

The spanks, the insults, a flood of degradation
Perverted cocktails that hoist him to the 7th sky

I wear a thousand masks but none of them are mine
Offering myself to strangers in the night
Caresses like salt on open wounds
The chronicles of sorrow that only result in pain

When she finds herself alone, within herself
The emptiness echoes like the wind at the bottom of a lost valley
Astray in the middle of a world out of reach
Only her sadness vibrates her broken heart

4-inch heels with a skirt wriggling on her hips
She´s without a doubt the queen of the street
Delivering a majestic parade on the sidewalk of paradise
She offers herself to the hungriest beasts of the forest

With her feline claws and eyes
She makes the vultures skew at her
She releases a smell of fresh meat
That awakens the instinct of muzzled wolves along their path

Your existence, your life erodes this way
Like a cliff at the edge of a violent sea
And if one of these springs you don´t wake up
It would be the beginning of an eternal winter
Track Name: Mister Mayor
You own a palace that´s as cold as you
Where an eternal frost is king from the cave to the attic
Steel walls with crystal windows
Ironically the fantasies of all the villagers

They are dozens of puppets
Fooled by your peddling influence
All these people held by their throats
And father Zweigart your prestigious talebearer

Hey mister mayor when you walk you seem so proud
With your sharp chin fixed to the sky
Narcissistic to the depths of your soul
Your feet are nailed at the top of the ego´s podium

The sky fills with more gray
The air is more and more infected
The rivers water now blurred
You only care about your own benefits

You proudly display tremendous ambition
As if it were your Babel´s tower
To kill time you isolate yourself in your hideout
You roll the coins between your fingers

Behind the throne a masquerade exists
A machine even more important than the king himself
A world governed by characters so different from those
Imagined by the people in front of the scene

Pig pens more dangerous than an army
And you extras and slaves of financial cartels
Untill the day your children wake up
Without a home, on a land taken over by their fathers

Trapped by democracy´s murder
Amputees of extorted power
Black gold rivers flow straight into his pockets
The world is at your feet, it´s in the bag. You can sleep peacefully
Track Name: Old Wreck
Roaming in the streets
In a village with a thousand and one passersby
Where nobody cares for you
Where nobody has time for you

Strolling in a endless maze
In search of a good samaritan
The hat parade
Change please, the old man pleads

Old man with a broken past
You seem so desperate to me
Have you ever tried?
Tell me where your dreams flown away

Empty pockets brand new bottle
Alcohol rain to warm his heart once again
One more shot of whisky and everything will be okay

Seen by a million faces but none remember yours
Same time, same spot, cashing in the loot
Feeding his sadness from an ever ending appetite

When it´s time to feast
You must find a good lunch box
Tied to a pole you plunge your hand
A search that only brings you dog leftovers
Track Name: Slippery Case - Part I
Carrying the burden of their own sins
They scramble up the slippery walls of a bottomless pit
Those cursed people who recite the same prayers
Let themselves be guided by the charming light

Frightened by the heat of their sins
They pray to buy God´s forgiveness
And with the last penny they were saving
They pay and give to build God a vast marble fortress

At the time of his parade on Sunday everyone greeted father Zweigart
They looked at the man from the ground as if he were a big old monument
A few exclusive villagers interrupted him during his stroll
Zweigart reminded them the importance of keeping the faith

And there was Mary who just lost her husband
Turning herself to god she asked for food
The servant of the lord will take care of this withered flower

They are the brothers of a messenger who came from the skies
They pray with fervor and devotion for the love prevails
They are the sons of a Father who loves them so much

There was the one who preceded the Mystic Lamb
Who had been placed in a basket of reeds
The one that was left to the drift of a river
To avoid infanticide

With this bright halo that shines above his head
He blinds the crowd clamped down before him
Showing them only pure light
He hands over his absolute wisdom

And by strong gestures in his cassock
He reveals the powers of God
He captivates them with holy words
Issued from his speech that will save them all
Track Name: Slippery Case - Part II
The perpetual nights in isolation
The caged animal roars in madness
His fantasies growing in forbidden dreams
His body now trembles of beastly desires

He summoned the pleasure provider for a secret mission
He promised her a first class ticket to heaven skies
She succumbed to an offer that could have saved her tarnished soul
He fiercely took her next to the river

The scandal was exposed in broad daylight
Mister Mayor was the most shocked
By the trespass act of their faith´s guardian
Caught eating the forbidden fruit

But now who is to blame for this huge crime?
Who urged the holy man to give in?
How could the witch have bewitched him?
Wasn´t he protected from Evil?

Do you think one day,
that they will listen to my voice again to guide them through the storm?
Do you think one day,
that the religion dies and each of us will be lost in the emptiness forever?
Do you think one day,
that the devils at the brink of the abyss will see the light beyond the clouds?
Do you think one day,
that the canons won´t discharge and all the world´s deserts will be transformed into green plains?
Do you think one day,
that the sheep will return to the enclosure from fear of getting eaten by the wolf?
Do you think one day,
that they will eat enough dust and these traitors will prostrate at my holy feet again?
Do you think one day,
that their insolent faces and their naive vanity will turn against them?
Do you think one day,
that my reign will come and my venerable kingdom will last until the end of time?
Track Name: Jack
Year after year, weaved by threads and needles
Like an old shirt you don´t want to throw away
Once radiant with well adjusted forms
A love that hangs by a thread

But tonight he won´t sleep
He ran away to hang around with the girl next door
He´s the craftsman of a three-step waltz and then he leads
A dance that doesn´t allow any false steps

Every morning you wake up to build the hive
Slave to a boss with an iron fist
Who doesn´t care about you or your family
You dream about throwing the king in the dungeon

But tonight he won´t sleep
He ran away to hang around with the girl next door
He´s the craftsman of a three-step waltz and then he leads
A dance that doesn´t allow any false steps
Track Name: Land of Reason
If you try to run away from problems
It always catches up with you
Like a dog that senses your trail
It always knows where to find you

You can heal from this infection
This cancer that gnaws at the village
No one will hear your prayers
And no one will serve you the cure

Still a few steps
Don´t be afraid
It´s only a vulgar comedy
A theater orchestrated by your ancestors

Take a look at the horizon
The world is building all around
Spread your wings
You can learn to fly

Now please trust me
You no longer need to hide
You can scream at the top of your lungs
Life is short love is narrow

Loud and pleasant for a while
Some are on board for a very long time
And start to wonder
Was it real or just a ride?